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Rugs have existed for hundreds of years. Over that time many myths about rugs have been created.

Myth: Rugs shouldn’t be cleaned with water because the colors will bleed!


Rug washing is the most effective way to remove soil from your rug and thus improves the life of your rug by removing abrasive material. In fact, in some cases, old color bleed from improper cleaning methods or water damage can be corrected on the wash floor.

Myth: My rug has never been washed.


After a rug is made, whether it be hand made or machine-made, it goes to a finishing process which includes washing. Therefore, every rug that makes its way to the point of retail was washed.

Myth: Only natural soaps should be used to wash rugs


Modern day detergents developed specifically for rug washing provide not only a better cleaning result, but also use less product to achieve this. That means less product going into your rug and less water to flush out the detergent.

Furthermore, soaps leave residue or soap scum that can cause re-soiling and rugs to develop a dingy grey coloring.

Myth: Oriental rugs should not be vacuumed because it harms the rug


This myth has been perpetuated by improper vacuuming. Proper vacuuming with a beater brush agitates the pile of the rug to loosen dirt and silica allowing it to be removed. Soil that impacts deeply into the rug can also accelerate the corrosion of the foundation fibers. Vacuuming on a regular basis will avoid premature wear and breakdown of the fibers. See ARCS’s flyer on proper vacuuming to ensure you are getting the most out of your rug.