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Extend the Life Of Your Rug


Already have a clean rug? A rug pad can help maintain your rug and can help you save money and may extend your rug’s natural lifespan. 

We have partnered with Rug Pad Wizard to help you find the best rug and floor protection available. Click below to get a 10% off discount on your rug pad needs.”

Save 10% on Rug Pads

Why Choose Rug Pad Wizard?

  • Green Label Plus Certified: The only non-skid felt rug pads on the market that are “Go Green” certified. 100% Recycled products, Washable forever, Non-Toxic & Non-Allergenic
  • Durability: Rug Pad Wizard offers rug pads made from the finest materials to ensure long-lasting performance. Their pads are engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic and resist compression, preventing premature wear and tear.
  • Protection Floors Against Stains: Accidents happen, and many of our cleaning services are for errors that could have been avoided. Rug Pad Wizard’s pads provide a barrier that helps prevent liquid spills from reaching the floor, giving you time to clean up without worry.
  • Grip: Rug Pads are really helpful for making sure your rug stays in place. Most injuries surrounding rugs are related to a rug being on a slippery surface that is mistaken for non-slippery because there’s a rug. By using a Rug Pad, you can prevent these common trips and slips.

Our Favorite Rug Pad Wizard Recomendations


The heaviest non-skid felt pad anywhere on the market today, its ultimate comfort will make your rugs feel like a dream while protecting your floors

Eco By Design

Great for areas that require low clearance or anywhere extra thickness is not desired

Eco Preferred

Our favorite to recommend for its grippy nature and comfortable underfoot feel.

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As the trusted name in oriental rug cleaning in Provo, we have dedicated ourselves to the proper care of them. With proper care and cleaning, your fine rug can last for generations.